About Us

Founded in January 2007 by Scott Hawkins. What my company is about is quite simple. To make the best web sites in the ever evolving I.T industry. The secret recipe is made with a dose of passion & a twist of up to date technology. My web sites how ever simle or complex meet the requirements to get any job done! Hawk Web Technologies is still in the stages of development itself, so I can be of great use to you by offering great techniques to you, my valued customer, for ongoing specials click here.

The man behind the awesome Logo, is Grant Goodwin, "The General" he calls himself & is also very passionate about his business, Brand Grenade. So if you would like a logo done for you click on the above mentioned link.

My work as a Qualified Web Designer is always on the move, by that I mean the glory of th internet, you can access your URL any where in the World that has access to the internet of course.